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USB drives: New Tech-Friendly Souvenirs

The USB is a physical interface standard for connecting computer hardware components and data storage devices. One of the most universal and widely used connectors, it has been in use since 1996. It was initially developed by Intel, who placed it on the back of all its motherboards. Here at MyUSBStore, we optimize the efficiency [...]

Things You Must Look For In Usb Drives

If you own a USB pen drive and have often wondered how it got to be so useful in business, this article is for you. USB pen drives are a staple in the business world today, with companies using them as an efficient and cost-effective means of storing files that would otherwise be lengthy to [...]

Here’s How Customised USB Sticks Can Uplift Your Business Marketing Campaign

Flash drives are an integral part of the data transfer ecosystem. Although people are concerned about the future of the usb drives with the advancement of technology- USB drives have cemented their place as the ideal data storage solutions owing to their portability, ease of use and popularity with nearly every individual regardless of their [...]

USB Flash Drives – A Trendsetter to Elevate Your Business

Gone are the days when we focused on giving traditional-style gifts. Instead, why not opt for a practical yet unique gift? With the extended use of electronic gadgets in our daily lives, USB drives have been the latest go-to choice for branding and gifting in the corporate world.   But, just giving out classic logo-printed USB [...]

Wood USB Drives as an Environmentally Friendly Option

Wood as a Sustainable Material     Popular wood-based materials for USB drives include Bamboo and Maple, both materials are abundant and highly renewable.  It is both responsible and good business to promote sustainable USB drive materials.     How Do Wood USB Drives Help the Environment     Both Maple and Bamboo are sustainable.  [...]

Creative ways for these 3 industries to use USB Drives for Promotions

USB drives are used in a wide range of industries for a wide range of applications. USB drives offer much more than just their technical capabilities, the drives can be used for promotional purposes. Unlike other promotional items, USB drives tend to serve a more practical purpose than a simple giveaway.  For example, companies may hand [...]

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